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Help Snake-Man save the Earth! ...And maybe even the whole galaxy in this unique platform adventure. Make new friends from all over the universe. Explore numerous environments to find hidden secrets, but watch out for enemies and obstacles - it's time to prove that a snake can be a hero too!

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When Snake-Man hears that a planet called Earth is being attacked, he sees his chance to finally reveal himself to the world as the hero he is! He leaves his home, the snake planet, and heads towards Earth. But he is not the only one with this idea…

Help Snake-Man save Earth in a unique platform adventure with metroidvania elements. Discover a fantastic game world with photorealistic backgrounds, hand-drawn characters and hand-made levels. Fight a variety of enemies. Explore the environment for hidden secrets that help Snake-Man become more and more powerful over time.


The Universe Is Bigger Than You Think.


Luckily Snake-Man is not alone – on his journey he will meet new friends from Earth, but also from all over the universe. This could be the beginning of quite an unusual team…



Born on Snake-Planet, Snake-Man is convinced in his destiny to be a hero. However, despite his budding greatness, Snake-Man has never been taken seriously by the other snake-people on his home planet, and his attempts to prove otherwise have generally ended in embarrassing disaster. Then he heard about a planet called Earth and that it was in danger, and he seizes his chance to prove himself!


  • Platformer Adventure with metroidvania elements

  • Retro-inspired graphics and sounds

  • 4 different environments / climate zones

  • 4 different collectible items (coins, gemstones, hearts, heart containers)

  • Spaceship headquarter allows player to return in completed levels and restock lifes

  • Game Controller Support

  • Steam Achievements Support

  • 7 supported languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese)